Mom’s are the BEST! It’s because she loves you unconditionally and accepts you the way you are. Her patience is limitless and she only nags you because she genuinely cares. She always listened to you no matter how boring the stories are. Oh, the sacrifices she’s made. You might not be able to be with her this Mother’s Day, but WICY wants to help you celebrate all that your Mom means to you. Record her a special Mother’s Day Shout Out and we will play it on WICY for her on Mother’s Day! If you can’t be with her, send her a special message on the radio!

When recording your message, please be sure you use both your names (first).  Here’s a sample:

“This is Lisa and I’d like to wish my Mother Kerry a fantastic Mother’s Day.  It’s so difficult that we can’t be together today, but I want her to know that I love and appreciate her so much… I really think there should be a Mother’s month, she does so much for all of us.  I love you Mom!”

Have Fun with it. You have up to 30 seconds for your message, but you do not need to use the full 30 seconds. Once you are done, simply wait for the timer to hit 0, then hit continue, enter a title, name, email (you will receive approval email), then post your Mother’s Day Shout Out (comment).