How many emojis do you actually use? Do we need more? 200 more are coming next year.

Included in this new set are a face in the clouds (to signify confusion, a foggy feeling, or even just bliss); an exhaling face, to show relief, disappointment, or exhaustion; and a burning heart, which could stand for passionate lust or scorching a past relationship and walking away.

And then there’s the stand-in for 2020: the face with spiral eyes, an emoji that’s swapped in swirl eyes for “X” ones, and which suggests dizziness, disorientation, or a general “WTF is happening.”

As for the other 200 or so new emoji coming out next year, there will now be a way to add a beard to any face emoji. The bulk of the emoji additions, meanwhile, are updates that allow for different-colored skin tones to be used for the existing “couple with heart” emoji and the “kiss” emoji, both of which currently have a default “yellow” skin tone.