At Oxomoco, a Michelin-starred Mexican restaurant in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., co-owner Justin Bazdarich creates a corn-on-corn tortilla concoction he calls a market corn tlayuda. Here, he shares his recipe with “Sunday Morning” viewers. 

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Market Corn Tlayuda, Quesillo, Guajillo Hot Sauce, Scallion and Epazote

For the Corn Mix:


5 pc Corn on the cob, shucked
1 Cup Mayonnaise
1 Cup Cotija cheese grated
3 Tbs Epazote (sub cilantro) chopped fine
2 limes juiced
Salt to taste 


Take the corn and char on a hot grill just to get some smoke on the corn.  Take off grill and cool.  Cut the kernels off the cob and place in a bowl. Mix corn with all the other ingredients. Adjust lime and salt to your own taste.  Reserve.

To assemble Tlayuda:

If you cannot find Tlayudas, just use a regular-size corn tortilla.  Also, we cook over a wood grill but any grill will work on medium heat. A hot, dry, cast iron pan will work as well.


Corn Tlayudas (or regular corn tortillas)
Corn mix
Quesillo (String cheese pulled apart into long strips)
Hot Sauce (For home use I recommend Valentina brand hot sauce)
Scallions sliced thin
Cilantro leaves
Sea salt
Lime segments 


Place corn mix on top of the tlayuda or tortilla in a thin layer. Lay some of the string cheese on top or corn mix. Place this on the cooking surface, grill or hot cast iron skillet. 

Cook until cheese is melted and bottom of tlayuda is crispy.

Take off the grill and cut into pieces but keep in a circle. 

Place on a plate and drizzle hot sauce. Sprinkle with scallion, cilantro, sea salt and squeeze lime juice over the top. Enjoy!

Market corn tlayuda from Oxomoco. 


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