▶ Watch Video: Warren at DNC: “our economic system has been rigged to give bailouts to billionaires”

Senator Elizabeth Warren had several hidden messages in the background during her Democratic National Convention speech Wednesday night, including a nod to Black Lives Matter. Warren, a former public school teacher, delivered her address from an elementary school in Springfield, Massachusetts. 

The classroom where she gave her remarks was decorated with plenty of “Easter eggs.” As she spoke, some viewers caught sight of the children’s letter blocks on shelves spelling out BLM — shorthand for Black Lives Matter. The Democratic senator and former presidential candidate has focused on issues of racial inequality and injustice in the past. 

Blocks spelling out BLM, for Black Lives Matter, can be seen in the background as Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during the third night of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. 

Democratic National Convention via AP

When the full classroom was in view, there were other subtle messages sprinkled throughout. Her presidential campaign’s Twitter account, Warren Democrats, highlighted a U.S. postal worker’s shirt, the date of the November election, and letters of her slogan, DBFH, for “Dream Big, Fight Hard.”  

During Warren’s speech, there were many subtle tributes. 

There was also a trio of block letters spelling out “JOE” –  a tribute to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. 

During her speech, Warren praised Biden’s plan to provide affordable child care, implement universal preschool and raise wages for child care workers. She also indicated that she’ll continue to press for progressive policies no matter what.

“We stay in this fight so that when our children and our grandchildren ask what we did during this dark chapter in our nation’s history, we will be able to look them squarely in the eye and say: we organized, we persisted, and we changed America,” she said.

CBS News’ Grace Segers contributed to this report.